In the fight with pain helps sleep

Sleep in sufficient quantity, its effect is comparable to popular analgesic used against chronic pain of various origin. This is evident, if in the day for him to take not less than 10 hours.

As reported with reference edition of The Telegraph, an extra two hours of sleep ensures efficient replacement painkillers. The statement made by the American doctors from the Hospital Henry Ford.

To participate in the study, which lasted for four nights, they have attracted 18 volunteers. Scientists conducted the recording of time spent on sleep, subsequently offering participants to touch the hot surface. As a result, the time during which slept at least 10 hours held on the surface of your finger, averaged 25 seconds more results, shown by the participants, Spassky 8 hours or less.

Previous studies differed in that the subjects took the painkiller codeine 60 mg According to the experts, chronic lack of sleep leads to increased sensitivity to pain.

According to one of the study authors Dr. Timothy Roark, proved how important sleep is for chronic pain. The surprise was the reduction of the pain of those whose sleep was extended for an additional two hours, comparable to the effect of codeine.

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Earlier researchers was based on the fact that some chronic pain in women affect sleep. In addition, the Norwegian experts have proven the ability of even rare sleep disorders cause a doubling of the risk of such problems.

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