In the fight against cancer will help the mushrooms

Specialist International centre for biodiversity and biotechnology of fungi and spore-bearing plants at Haifa University Solomon Wasser for many years engaged in the study of fungi that grow in Israel. According to him, many of them are potential drugs for cancer. It should be noted that Vasseur is the most respected scientists in this field. In the history of science in this area was conducted nearly 400 scientific experiments, many of which were initiated by the Vasseur.

Another 60-s years of the last century it was found that some types of fungi can help in the treatment of diseases such as sarcoma, and can also be used as a means to strengthen the immune system. The most useful and recognized medical mushrooms are Armillaria winter, gerici comb, Brazilian agarik, Maitake and shiitake mushrooms. And the pharmaceutical industry produced nearly 2000 of pharmaceutical preparations which contain the active substances obtained from fungi.

In developed Asian countries in the eighties of the 20th century was initiated release of the drug under the name Krestin. It is widely used as a component of combination therapy against cancer. The active ingredient in this drug is a compound that is obtained from mushroom Trametes versicolor, commonly known as the "Turkey tail". Krestin approved by the Ministry of health of Japan as a treatment for cancer of the breast, colon, lung and prostate. There is also another drug Lentinan, the active substance of which is contained in shiitake mushrooms. He copes with the treatment of patients suffering from gastric cancer.

The recent discovery of Dr. Vasseur is that he found useful compounds in the mushroom called Ganoderma. This active ingredient inhibits the activity of NF-KappaB, which arise various inflammatory processes in the body, autoimmune diseases and some types of malignant neoplasms. Found Dr. Vasseur elements can help in the treatment of prostate and mammary glands. Mushroom Cyathus striatus or glass striped contain substances that will help in the fight against one of the most insidious types of cancer - cancer of the pancreas.

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However, scientists are strongly advised not to self-medicate using mushrooms, because among them there are both edible species and poisonous.

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