In the emergency kit will soon have a new painkillers and drugs

On April 3 of this year in the first aid kit emergency room doctor will be expanded list of drugs, so decided the health Ministry of Russia.

Now mobile teams of doctors in addition to the basic drugs have a more extensive list of painkillers and drugs that are needed when strong pain syndromes.

The Director of the Department of preventive medicine Olga Sergeant says that now in the kits of the teams in sufficient quantity will be money against acute heart attacks, coronary syndrome. These drugs are already in the car will start effective treatment in the ambulance that will save many lives.

Now the number of non-narcotic analgesics doctors will always have paracetamol and Ketoprofen, and among narcotic analgesics appears morphine, fentanyl and other drugs.

However, while drugs in the inpatient pharmacy for ambulance has not arrived.

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