In the electronic cigarettes danger lurks

Scientists from Israel insist that contained in the electronic cigarettes carcinogens may pose a threat to human health.

The Ministry of health of Israel stated that the security certificates of electronic cigarettes from manufacturers and importers are not credible because of extensive research on the impact of this product on the body was not conducted.

By the way, there are studies that have proven the danger of electronic cigarettes some brands to health. That is why the consumers of this type of cigarettes should be aware that their production is not regulated and has no quality standard.

In recent years, the number of people using these cigarettes is growing, however, attempts by medical control these devices as help to get rid of the habit of Smoking, was not taken. On the contrary, increasingly, there are reports that many electronic cigarettes happen leakage cartridges or problems with batteries, which leads to inappropriate and harmful use.

Research that would prove the effectiveness of electronic cigarettes in the fight against harmful habit, also have not yet been done.

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