In the development of multiple sclerosis blame toxin

Scientists have found that in the development of multiple sclerosis blame Epsilon-toxin. The substance causes a disorder of the nervous system, activating autoimmune inflammation. The toxin found in some foods, The Daily Mail reports.

Multiple sclerosis is a disease in which the body alone destroys the myelin sheath of the nerves. It damages the brain and spinal cord. The disease leads to musculoskeletal disorders. Scientists have suggested that the Epsilon-toxin can cause the initiation of the disease.

The toxin is produced by bacteria of the group Clostridium (Clostridium perfigens). The bacterium is the cause of food poisoning and long known to science. Studies have shown that the toxin acts on endothelial cells, causes inflammation of the nervous tissue of the spinal cord and brain, which can cause the development of multiple sclerosis.

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The toxin was found in three percent of the investigated food. Perhaps the vaccine toxin will be one of the steps leading to the victory against multiple sclerosis.

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