In the Buryat meteorite was found, a new mineral

Siberian scientists have registered a new mineral, which has not previously encountered. Specialists immediately interested in the unusual mineral. He was found in a meteorite that fell in Buryatia in 2015.

Professor Viktor Grokhovsky from the Urals University says that it has found a mineral called Wakita. This is reported by RIA Novosti.

Why the new material was studied. The answer is simple. The mineral was discovered near the village Uakit in the region of Buryatia. Siberian scientists have further analyzed Wakita scientific-educational center. The crystal lattice of makatite contains in its composition of about 50% of atoms of vanadium and 40% of nitrogen atoms.

The Professor explained that on the scientists, it is important to understand how the substance, there is formed, at what temperature and under what conditions. We need to continue to rely, to argue and to model. Reported by Victor Grokhovsky.

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