In the brain the flow of nanoparticles may occur through the nose, the Russian scientists

The mechanism of penetration of natural environment in the human brain of nanoparticles described by Russian scientists. In particular, they told how the penetration of nanoparticles belonging to the inorganic and organic substances as well as viruses.

The scientists mentioned the existence of the blood-brain barrier in the human brain. For nanoparticles it serves as something of a filter. However, as it turned out, the possibility of their penetration in the body is not limited.

During the experiments, scientists representing the Biological Institute of Tomsk state University and the Center for genetic resources of laboratory animals itsig so ran, operated as follows. The nasal cavity of laboratory animals was used as reservoir solution, containing nanoparticles. Then the structure of the brain has been studied by means of MRI on the subject of the appearance of these nanoparticles. After three hours, it was observed the appearance of particles in the olfactory bulb (after 12 hours, experts said they limit content). After 3-4 days limit the number of particles differed dentate gyrus, the hippocampus and other brain structures. It is noteworthy that the trajectory inherent in the relations of the olfactory nervous system, coincided with the trajectory of the particles.

Scientists suggest that the probability of passage of the particles through the synapses when they are moved in nerve fibers, and the passage through them "by force" not all particles. For example, there is no possibility of silicon dioxide, but it is manganese oxide, which is characterized by a strong bond with the protein AP-3, which, in turn, participation in processes associated with synaptic transmission. In other words, the delivery of nanoparticles through the nose is possible in theory. But there are some nuances.

The team was able to find that from the nose to the brain delivery of nanoparticles can be either greatly enhanced, or completely blocked due to some combination of chemical compounds. In addition, the researchers found a sharp decrease in body temperature of subjects animals when they introduced certain nanoparticles (also it was the reason that the cerebrospinal fluid in their body decreased its volume). In short, in the nose occur in numerous crucial reactions.

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