In the belly of a giant 100-year-old catfish discovered the remains of a Nazi SS officer

Polish fishermen in the river, the Order managed to catch giant catfish, weighing nearly 200 kg and a length of nearly 4 meters.

In the result of the analysis in the belly of the fish were found fragments of human bones and metal insignia of the SS during the Second world war, reports Worldnewsdailyreport.

Experts have determined the approximate age of the soma - from 90 to 110 years.

Scientists have not yet found the cause of death of the person: whether he was killed by a catfish or giant fish shego him when he was already dead.

"We have only a few fragments of bones, most of the skeleton is missing. We can't exactly determine the cause of death, but we're almost certain that the remains belong to a German SS officer. Unfortunately, the DNA in the bones was damaged gastric juice", - quotes the edition of the words of the academic Pataka Loyko.

It is worth noting that this is the first time human remains have been found in the belly of a catfish.

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