In the Balkans found the source of the deadly superbugs

The first case of detection of Superbugs NDM-1 was recorded in the UK in 2008. NDM-1, or new Delhi metallo-beta-lactamase diagnosed a patient who spent some time in an Indian hospital. The bacterium is particularly aggressive and resistant to medicines.

Since the discovery of the bacteria it took a long time, but information about it is not the most complete, reports The Hindustan Times. Survey of 250 patients in the period from 2008 indicates the fact that the Balkans can be the source of the deadly infection. Note, the history of the movements of the patients was known only 101 in case of illness. Services Indian health institutions used only 53, 101 patients outside of their country did not leave.

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Bacteria NDM-1 has protection against all antibiotics. Operates on it only to colistin. To cure the infection is difficult. Since the first reported case of the bacterium has spread around the world. It is assumed that NDM-1 is circulated in the cities of India in the period from 2006 to 2008.

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