In Sweden, intend to establish a Museum of innovation, proved unnecessary

The Swedes are developing a project to create a Museum of innovative products, which have remained unclaimed. The exposition will showcase the products of famous brands, which did not become successful from a commercial point of view.

Psychologist and part-time collector of original inventions Samuel West notes that, the failed products from time to time produce even industry giants like Amazon, Google and Apple.

He also expressed the opinion that the probability of success of new products depends largely on punitive sanctions that many companies have imposed on its employees for failure of the goods and stated that it considers such measures to be too restrictive. In addition, the vest has presented to the future Museum fifty exhibits from his own collection.

Among other things, the disposal of the founders were: perfume, produced by the famous motorcycle giant Harley Davidson, VCR, Betamax, released in the seventies of the last century, a BIC pen and a "Twitter Pic" is an electronic device looks like a smartphone which was intended for correspondence in the social network Twitter. Released almost simultaneously with the IPhone made the device pointless.

According to the creators, in addition to satisfying curiosity, the Museum should become a kind of warning to the present inventors of new products that will be able to learn lessons from the mistakes of its predecessors.

The opening ceremony is scheduled for June 7, 2017 and will be held in Helsingborg, and then the exposition will go to "tours" across the country.

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