In some cases, conduct an ultrasound of the pelvic organs

The study of small pelvis with ultrasound is completely safe and effective way to diagnose. There are five main types of diagnostic ultrasound applied to the investigation of pelvic

transabdominally - during such examination install multiple sensors in the lower abdomen. For accurate results from the patient is required to drink about two liters of water shortly before ultrasound

-transvaginal - at inspection of the vagina of a woman enter a special sensor. You need to release the bladder. The patient is asked to sit in the gynecological chair. To provide additional security in sensor wear a condom. Then enter it into the vagina. This type of diagnosis is more accurate than transabdominal.

- transrectal - used to study male reproductive organs. The sensor is inserted through the anus, in the rectum of a patient lying on the couch with a bent towards his stomach with his knees.

Ultrasound diagnosis of pelvic appoint men and women, pursuing different goals diagnostics.

Ultrasound women spend if

- is vaginal bleeding

- you must know the condition of the uterus and endometrial sizes

sharp and dull pains in the lower abdomen

- to conduct a survey of ovary

detection of inflammatory processes

- to confirm or refute a future pregnancy

the doctor may prescribe an ultrasound on the basis of personal experience and practice.

UZI men spend if

- the necessary examination of the prostate gland or seminal channel

-there is a suspicion of malignancy

- to determine the causes of infertility

- to identify the causes of erectile dysfunction

There are also common reasons why men and women can assign an ultrasound. For example, an indicator such diagnosis can be difficult during urination,

Suspicion for malignant and benign education assistance during a biopsy, and many other reasons.

The risk during such diagnostics is extremely low, but all the same the patient it would be good to make sure that the doctor did not forget to put the condom on the sensor, enter the vagina or rectum. It is also possible to discomfort during the ultrasound examination. Here, perhaps, and all the disadvantages of ultrasonic diagnostics.

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