In slimming fruit not assistants

Often expert advice to those who are on a diet, consist in the consumption of fruit and vegetables at lunch to avoid overeating. However, according to Zee News, American scientists from Purdue University conducted a new study that has proven the ineffectiveness of this Council dietitians in the long term.

Researchers found that eating fresh fruit or dried fruit before the main meal really gives a lower feeling of hunger and less eating. But in the long run, estimated a few months, use fruit instead of snacks, according to surveyed volunteers, did not deliver them from feeling hungry and did not make stronger a feeling of fullness. This led to overeating, and, consequently, weight gain, adds

The experiment found that: eating the volunteers for lunch macaroni and cheese provided their body getting calories just from 785 to 821. And, since food fruits and dried fruits, at the end of the dinner they had 678 calories. Start lunch with fruit juice threatened consumers with consumption 891 calories. For fruit juice generally entrenched "glory" insidious product, causing the stimulation of the desire for a good meal. Start a meal with juice ended intake by 400 calories on average more than the consumption of fruit.

Researchers believe that the simple addition of fruits and vegetables in the diet is not enough to quench your hunger to lose weight in the long term. The experiment showed that by eating fruits and especially the juice, to lose excess weight is difficult.

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