In Russia will start production of the new drug against HIV

In Russia will start production of the drug that kills the HIV virus. The agreement between ViiV Healthcare and the Russian side has already concluded.

Like many other HIV medicines, the drug blocks the process of reproduction of the virus. If this remedy to prescribe in the early stages of the disease, a person can live a long and happy life. Note that while there is no single medication that completely cleanses the body from the HIV virus.

A key feature of a new drug is to price it significantly below counterparts being sold in Russia. The introduction of a new drug, experts suggest, will help to save 1.5 billion of budget money. In the first stage of introduction of the drug will receive 15% of all in need of therapy against HIV.

Statistics the incidence of HIV in Russia is extremely troubling. 1.3 million people – as many registered patients with the disease is on the account. Still the same, according to doctors, are not registered anywhere. Medications from a virus get only 130 thousand people.

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