In Russia will "drugstore alcoholics"

Soon to buy pharmacy tincture of hawthorn and other alcohol-containing means will be more difficult. The health Ministry plans to deliver these prescriptions or to limit the release of tinctures two units per customer. Drugs, which is difficult to avoid intoxication (sedatives, valocardin, creams, ointments, iodine and brilliant green) will be distributed according to the old rules.

Over the past five years the prices of alcoholic beverages noticeably increased. It pushes people with alcoholism to buy pharmacy drugs with alcohol. Typically, such means is designed to accommodate 1-2 tablespoons per day and not huge amounts. According to research, "alcoholism pharmacy" increases the risk of premature death eight times.

"Pharmacy tincture is the premium segment of the market surrogate. Doing about 50 rubles for half a liter, they were better than the surrogates, because the risk of injury is much less than in the use of artisanal vodka. Also used the so-called liquid dual-purpose, for example nezamerzayku or means for cleaning of baths, too, at 50 rubles for half a liter, they drink about 200 million liters a year. Artisanal vodka costs about 100 rubles per bottle, and drink it up to 200 million litres," says Vadim Drobiz, the General Director of the Center of researches Federal and regional alcohol markets.

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