In Russia will be the first centre for monitoring biological threats

The first Russian national integrated monitoring centre for biological threats will be created in the summer of 2018. The institution is required to monitor the epidemiological situation. The project budget will amount to 2.2 billion rubles.

Scientists will monitor the concentrated epidemics, the development and evolution of viruses and bacteria. "Science in recent years has led to the fact that to create a powerful biological weapon even without the laboratory. Viruses and microorganisms can be ordered and purchased remotely using the Internet. Biological weapons can be covertly created and delivered anywhere in the world and there applied. Including it could be new types of BioGaia: plants, destroying ecosystems, insects, animals, people. Their migration is another reliable way to move for pathogens", says press center of the Ministry of health.

The national integrated monitoring centre for biological threats will place will become a place of employment for 200 people. They will collect and process the epidemiological data for the development of infections in Russia. This will help to prevent the development of dangerous diseases and reduce mortality from infections.

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