In Russia triggers the production of dental prostheses of nanoceramics

Implantology is an extremely promising field in medicine. Daily are thousands of prostheses for replacement of teeth, bones, joints. Such operations allow you to save the function of the lost or damaged part of the body, allowing continue a person to live a full life.

In Novosibirsk in November, plan to start production of dental prostheses made of nanoceramics. Such prostheses will have all the advantages of similar imported from Germany and Japan, but the cost will be less.

Development started company "RUSNANO" and "NEVZ-Soyuz", which promised to start production in November 2013. There is increased strength of the new material, it is more compact, it is based on the use of oxides and carbides of inorganic compounds of the minimum size (up to 10 nanometers).

Now the company started to search for clinics to supply new dentures.

In addition, the company engaged in the development of bioceramic implants. Their scope is very wide. Using bioceramics possible to create hip joints, bones, vertebrae. Test for setting cervical vertebrae, for example, were successful. Start full production is scheduled for mid-2014 after a further series of tests on the safety and efficiency of the design.

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