In Russia there came a shortage of nurses

RIA Novosti reports that the statement of the Ministry of healthcare and social development Tatyana Golikova on speech opening the conference, "Med. Education - 2012", Russia today, suffers from a shortage of more than 800 thousand nurses.

In order to solve the problem, the health Ministry decided to officially allow students of medical schools to work in positions nurses. The comment of the Minister, the relevant decree was signed by the Ministry and soon will be published.

In addition, according to Golikova, there is a shortage of doctors in different clinical specialties. Here the lack of staff is about 150 thousand people.

Another urgent problem, according to the health Ministry, is a staffing imbalance. If the hospitals of the country there is an oversupply of personnel, amounting to 34.7 thousand people, in hospitals, on the contrary, there is a significant shortage is about to 187.5 thousand. If we talk more, that's just not enough General practitioners, rheumatologists, nutritional specialists, pulmonologists, nephrologists, and pediatric oncologists. But in too many hospitals, surgeons, dentists, ophthalmologists and travmatologov-orthopedists.

As the Minister said, according to existing forecasts, in 2012 the number of graduates of medical specialties will amount to 22.5 thousand people. With more than a quarter of graduates will not go into the healthcare practice, and the rest, according to Tatyana, will begin to work in specialties that are in hospitals so the excess. In addition, each year the healthcare leaves about 8% of professionals, and hence the outflow of the industry each year is about 24 thousand people, according to the head of the health Ministry.

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