In Russia, the workers told the truth about the clinical examination

In Russia, approximately three-quarters of healthcare workers are confident that the results held in the country of the clinical examination is unreliable. This became known after the survey of the Foundation of independent monitoring "Health", which was attended by doctors and nurses (a total of 3.7 thousand people).

In addition, the results of the study found: 40 percent of physicians know that in this sphere there are of registry. In particular, this applies to examinations, which in reality is smaller than the official statistics. About half of doctors admit that at times the conduct of prophylactic examinations and dispensarization is only "on paper".

However, more than half of respondents (54%) believe that the health authorities at the regional level a set of effective measures related to the prevention of disease, is simply absent. However, only slightly more than 50% of respondents confirmed that implementation of the first phase of clinical examination and screening tests of adult citizens on the day of their treatment. Another 38% of respondents stated that the examinations are conducted in the evenings and Saturdays.

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