In Russia may stop regulating the prices of drugs cheaper 50 rubles

Cheap medicines from a vital group can be removed from the group for price regulation. The Ministry of industry and trade sent the Russian Government a proposal to change the rules of formation of prices on some drugs. According to reports over the past year, production of drugs cheaper 50 rubles in most cases, unprofitable.

Today there are 26 pharmaceutical companies stopped the publication of a number of cheap drugs. Among them, 131 a medicine out of the lower price segment, 51 – drugs average price (500 rubles). Cheap production of drugs has fallen by almost 11%. Note, this group makes up 55% of public procurement in the health sector.

While it is only about discussing the issue. "Even in the complete deregulation of prices for cheap medications their costs are unlikely to rise by more than a third", - concluded the head of the DSM Group Sergey shuljak.

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