In Russia may receive a new pack of cigarettes. New measures within the anti-Smoking policy

RIA "Novosti" reports that the Ministry of health has issued a call to introduce a brand new pack of cigarettes, without identification of specific logos. On nebrendirovannoj bundles offered only to specify the name of the brands printed in a single font.

According to the Minister of health, today in Russia there is a gradual reduction in tobacco consumption due to the adopted anti-Smoking legislation. Veronika Skvortsova and the results of the specific indicator: it is more than 20%.

Basic measures introduced in Russia, have proved successful, but to stop them prematurely, since the factor of addiction can negatively affect the subsequent situation with the number of smokers in the country. International experience shows that sometimes in the decline of tobacco consumption among the population there is the opposite effect.

The primary task facing the Russian healthcare system, is the systematic denormalization of Smoking, realize that the authorities plan strongly, efficiently, but at the same time, respectfully and consistently. Today our country is actively implementing the program, the key objective of which is to reduce tobacco consumption by the population to 25% by 2022.

In the list of perspective directions of work of the Ministry in addition to changing the design of the packs, examines the issue of reducing the number of authorized Smoking areas, reducing the availability of tobacco products, strengthening mass anti-Smoking propaganda. Experts remind that today 20% of all deaths worldwide are related to Smoking.

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