In Russia less healthy girls

According to the rector of the Kazan medical University Alexei Sozinov, over the last 20 years in Russia decreased from 28.3% to 6.3% among healthy women.

According to Sozinova, speaking on the eve of the Volga scientific-practical conference scheduled in Kazan on October 26-27 and dedicated to reproductive health issues of young generation, in each of the fifth-sixth Russian family cannot childbirth for medical reasons, and of those who do manage to get pregnant, give birth to less than half. Though only 37% of cases end in safe birth. Told the head of the University, compared with EU countries, the number of abortions performed in Russia, more than three times.

According to the rector, the recent increase in the birth rate in Russia is short-term in nature. As he noted, the increase was due to the entry into reproductive age women whose birth coincided with the period since the early 70's to late 80-ies of the 20th century.

According to Sozinova, in the coming years, reducing the number of women able to bear children, will occur every five years by 20%.

Not happy doctors the fact that a reduced number of physiological birth. In the Soviet period this category were 40-50% of cases, modern score may not get to 25%.

Another problem the doctors believe the reluctance of the current young generation to have children. If before the birth of the first child's family had at the time when the mother was aged 18-19 years, but now the firstborn appears in women aged 30-35 years. This, in turn, becomes less likely to give birth to a healthy baby.

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