In Russia intensified mites, doctors advise to be careful

This year from stings of pincers has suffered three times more people than the previous year. We will note, the season of activity of these insects has only just begun. For assistance to physicians at the moment turned more than four thousand people, almost half of victims – children.

Infected with tick-borne encephalitis yet. In some areas the tick bites are rare. In others, for example, in the Rostov region, during the spring the doctor asked 311.

Experts predict that in the season exceeding last year's indicator by more than half. In 2015 about tick bites for medical assistance turned in one of the suburbs 21,000 people.

Physicians are advised to be careful in the woods and in the country. You should follow the simple rule of Hiking in places with trees and bushes. Closed clothing and a hat to pick up hair will protect from tick bites by 90%.

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