On the eve of the news that the court of Britain is allowed a 14-year-old girl with an incurable form of cancer to freeze his body, shocked the entire Internet. In Russia, the popularity of a procedure of cryogenic preservation of the body is not so high: currently only 51 people decided against it.

More than 200 people have signed a contract under which extreme old age, their body will be frozen. Most people are hesitant to be frozen before heavy operations with a high risk of mortality. The creators of the firms in the cryogenic preservation of the body sure, in just 40 years will have the first really effective drugs to treat cancer and many other deadly diseases.

The cost of the procedure of cryopreservation in Russia is 36 thousand dollars. The cost due to the complexity of the process and the endless duration of storage of the bodies. the Exact date when science will be able to unfreeze a person and return him to life, no one yet knows.

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