In Russia earned the first state center for the treatment of obesity

The first state clinic was opened in St. Petersburg in the hospital. St. George. The head of the center Mikhail Fishman told how important it is to deal with the problem of obesity and to consider excess weight as a disease which can be fatal.

Proven fact: people with obesity many times increased risk of strokes, heart attacks, diabetes and many other diseases. From the point of view of the health care system is the high cost of treatment potentially capable citizens. Opening of medical institutions for the treatment and prevention of obesity, not only can you save money on the more promising sectors in medicine, but also to save thousands of lives.

In the hospital provide surgical medical care and conservative treatment. Experts believe that such centers should make a difference with the health of citizens. Now the problem of obesity in Russia is quite acute: excess weight has half the men and 60% of women older than 30 years.

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