In Russia earn electronic classrooms patients

The Minister of health of the Russian Federation Veronika Skvortsova said that soon the Russians will become available the system of private room patient. Using the electronic system, any citizen of the Russian Federation will have access to a huge range of medical services: free and paid.

The portal will be filled with information about the various procedures, consultations. You will receive information about the diagnosis, the results of laboratory and instrumental studies.

Health Minister Skvortsova said: electronic Cabinet is ready to run. The first visitors will be able to use it on April 30.

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In addition to the electronic Cabinet doctors pass on special jobs, equipped with all necessary technical equipment. It is planned to reduce the amount of paperwork, transfer of the data into electronic form for acceleration of medical care and reduce the amount of time that a doctor spends on completion of documentation. Today for such jobs work 27 thousand doctors.

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