In Russia created a crisis pregnancy centers

The health Ministry has sent in the Russian regions the letter with the methodological guidelines for the creation of centres of social and medical support to pregnant women who find themselves in difficult life situations.

According to official statistics in Russia per 100 births accounted for 59 abortions. The reason abortion psychologists often called life circumstances, problems in family relations. The survey showed that up to 30 percent of women would decide to keep the baby, if they had support psychological and social. This is the kind of help they have a chance to get in crisis pregnancy Centers, which are already operating in the Lipetsk and Novgorod regions.

In this center should work psychologist, social worker, therapist, lawyer, nurse and instructor work. Centers will be established in hospitals, care centers, perinatal centers. All these measures should reduce the number of revolutions, as they are a serious threat to the health of young women, it can lead to complications and infertility.

These centers will assist not only in terms of pregnancy, the woman will be able to overcome the crisis in the family, to find shelter, if it was used domestic violence, will find social support for pregnant minors. Also here will be able to apply single mothers and mothers of children with disabilities.

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