Russian engineers from the company "Actually" created the first exoskeleton fully domestic production. It will be used for the rehabilitation of people with impaired locomotor function of the feet. While the apparatus is in the testing stage.

In Russia appeared first exoskeleton of domestic origin

After injuries of the lower part of the spinal cord may develop loss of sensation and motor function of the lower extremities. In the recovery period people need medical help and a special device to return the capabilities to move independently.

The cost of one of the exoskeleton will be about 1.5 million rubles. This price is set to continue until 2018, when do you plan to release the first machine for sale. In the transition to mass production the cost can be somewhat reduced.

ExoAtlet Albert II – the second version of Russian specialists. It will help people with lower paraplegia not only to stand, but to walk on an inclined surface, to sit down.

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