In physically active brain will preserve the health of the longer

According to The Washington Post, if physical activity daily is given a few minutes, the brain is more likely to maintain health. Scottish scientists from the University of Edinburgh in the course of the study revealed how the physical activity of older people affect their brain.

As you know, the older a person becomes, the less the volume of the brain, the less it nerve cells, the links between them are weak. For these reasons, elderly people do not rarely encounter problems with memory and thinking disorders. Within 3 years were surveyed 700 elderly aged 70 years and older, systematically carrying out physical exercises. In the beginning of the study and after the brain of subjects scanned. It turned out that older people who regularly performing exercises, the better protected the brain from changes associated with age, than those of this regularity is not adhered to. When this psychological trainings conducted with older people and their participation in social projects no benefit to the health of the brain to no avail.

Researchers believe that exercise provide a greater benefit, being one of the many important ways that support brain health, and ensure the reduction of speed reduction of brain size. Physical activity is responsible for maintaining the integrity of white matter and gray matter volume in the brain.

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In order to stay healthy, to keep the brain healthy, you should not afford a sedentary lifestyle, as often as possible and move more.

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