In order to survive the new year's table, it is necessary to follow some rules

New year holidays and the accompanying feast, cause not only a blow to the future solvency of the Russians, but also become a serious challenge to their stomachs. Nutritionists advise not to try all the dishes on the table, avoid salads with mayonnaise, and before you sit down for the Christmas table, you need to eat two tablespoons of bran.

PhD, gastroenterologist Leila Baltacheeva, believes that people are making a big mistake, when you eat on holidays large amounts of fatty, sweet or baked food. She advises for the most part to eat vegetable salads and fruits fresh. For persons with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, are particularly vulnerable to acute and smoked foods, and carbonated drinks, RIA Novosti reported.

If the person is not experiencing stomach problems, before you start to consume alcoholic beverages, it would be better if he eats something neutral, such as a sandwich with cheese or cooked sausage. The most reliable option is to eat a couple of spoons steamed in hot water and bran, which will reduce the appetite.

The representative of the clinic of the research Institute of nutrition nutritionist Maria Demetrius advises 31 December for Breakfast, lunch and dinner, as failure to do so will lead to overeating at night at the holiday table.

According to a leading researcher in the same Department Arseniy Martinica, it triggered a psychological factor desire to try all the dishes of the new year table. Person eats salads and snacks, and in this case it is not necessary to try and hot dishes, or desserts.

According to Martinica, the main enemies for the new year table are dishes with mayonnaise, which contains 65 percent fat. Alcohol is also not a diet drink, as in one gram of alcohol contains 7 calories. If you compare, then 1 gram of fat contains 9 calories, proteins and carbohydrates - 4 calories. Thus, the higher the degree of the drink, so it is caloric.

For this case, the leading expert advises to drink alcoholic beverages. After a strong alcohol eating disturbing appetite for food, and in addition, ethanol has the ability to turn into fat. It is a kind of double whammy. So it is better sometimes to pause in eating and start eating the fruit.

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In addition, he recalls that pickles cause coming to its senses, and he advises after the holidays, not to abuse cleansing diets, but simply to observe moderation in diet.

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