In one of the Brazilian cities fell to "stone rain"

Many processes on our planet are so unusual and amazing that mainstream science has nothing to say about them. A rain of fish, rain of blood, acid, and other types of rain, which seem to warn mankind about important processes on our planet, which people ignore. Such natural phenomena can be the result of human activity, climate change and the environment, but scientists do not always understand what he wants to tell us the home planet.

At the end of the summer in Brazilian city of Santa Filomena people witnessed the unusual phenomenon, similar to stone rain. On 19 August, the sky began to fall large pieces of the meteorite. The researchers were able to find more than two hundred large fragments, but we are confident that these stones much more. The weight of one Kusov exceed forty pounds, and experts have estimated it at 27 thousand dollars.

The local population is not only not afraid of rocks falling from the sky, but took it a miracle, because many people know about the possibility of selling pieces of the meteorite, which are appreciated not only among scientists but also among the various collectors. Many fragments were discovered near the small Cathedral, but the building itself remained undamaged.

A few hours after a meteor shower in the city of Santa Filomena has come a lot of hunters meteorites are wishing to find and sell the precious stones of cosmic origin.

As for the fragments themselves, then found the stones refers to a variety of chondrite, whose samples can is huge money. The largest piece was found after a meteor shower in 1976 in Jilin. His weight exceeded 1770 pounds.

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