In old age people fear dementia more than cancer

Recent research company Saga proved that two out of three after 50 years afraid of senile dementia. The possibility of developing cancer if this bothers only 10%. The survey touched on 500 older Britons. According to the survey, 68% are afraid of dementia, 9,44% - cancer, 3,88% of heart disease, just to 0.73 worried about diabetes, writes The Huffington Post.

Dementia may develop even in completely healthy person. From this pathology is difficult to be safe. As a result, the age a person loses his memory, everyday tasks become excessively difficult. Research in the treatment of dementia continues, scientists are trying to find a cure or prophylaxis of the disease.

The representative of Alzheimer's Research UK Hilary Evans believes absolutely normal that dementia is concerned about such a large percentage of the British. No sane therapy, a high percentage of defeat leads to thoughts about their disability in old age.

Fear of loss of individuality is one of the greatest human fears. The man is afraid to face the situation, when he is unable to solve simple everyday task, for example, to remember a phone number or address of the passage. Experts advise to everyone who has found the first symptoms of dementia, seek medical help.

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