In North America discovered traces of ancient cocoa

American scientists from the University of Pennsylvania and Preston found that the Indians of North America began to eat chocolate for 300 years earlier than expected, namely in 770 ad

On these findings of scientists made discoveries that were made during the excavation of an Indian village of the 8th century in the American state of Utah, which is located in the South-West of the USA. On ware found traces of cocoa, but rather, the result of the analysis revealed theobromine and caffeine are substances contained in cocoa beans, according to Russian information Agency "Novosti".

Cacao grows in the tropics, which are located hundreds of kilometers towards the South of the USA. This fact has helped scientists to establish that the Indian tribes who lived in the southwestern part of North America, began to trade with the tribes who lived in Central America, even in the eighth century of our era.

Cocoa is cultivated in Central America for more than 3000 years. In ancient times, the drink of chocolate was considered the domain of the elite and the rich, mere mortals to use it was not given. But most likely, the ancient Indians, there was no division of society into classes, and chocolate with equal success drank as ordinary people, and rich people, and they did it for the sole purpose of saturation, but not for the purpose of ritual, writes ScienceNow.

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This assumption is already questioned by some experts. In their opinion, cacao, which were brought from afar, had to raise its price and make available for daily use as a simple food.

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