In new York city banned the use of plastic cosmetic facial scrubs

In new York city will soon pass a law banning the use of plastic particles as a component of scrubs for face and body, soap, toothpaste. A particle is considered to be any plastic smaller than five millimeters. In some cases, particles clog pores, water-soluble, get into the skin and cause allergic reactions.

Pushed to ban the experiment with particles. Professor Sheri Mason checked the concentration of particles in lake Erie. In the water were found a great number of plastic particles. Experts were not prepared for this, according to ABC News.

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Particles in drinking water cause a number of problems. Toxins lead to allergies and pathology of the digestive tract, and nervous system. Fish, absorbing plastic, eventually fall on the table to the man. By 2015, all manufacturers of cosmetics in new York city must replace the plastic salt particles nuts or other natural materials.

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