In mothers with obesity most children born with autism – scientists

Researchers from the U.S. found: diabetes mellitus and obesity in women creates additional risk of autism in the unborn child. The doctors with the psychologists examined children 1998 year of birth and their parents.

Almost half of children had some developmental problems. In most cases, the pathology was insignificant and had no effect on child health. Among the study group, scientists have identified 100 of autistic children and 137 children with other disorders in the nervous system.

It turned out that the children with autism are 3.5 times more likely to appear to mothers with obesity and diabetes. Increases the probability of other mental disorders.

The problem of excess weight in the United States and several other countries is very serious. Up to 30% of young women in America are obese, nearly 20% of them during pregnancy face with gestational diabetes mellitus.

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