In Moscow will open Europe's largest cardiology center

The capital is preparing to open Europe's largest medical institutions to help patients with heart disease. The hospital is designed for 450 patients, planned complex surgery for correction of cardiac activity in newborn infants.

"Cardiology center will assist mothers and children with congenital abnormalities of the cardiovascular system. Moreover, it is planned to create a large counseling center literally in all directions. The clinic will meet all world and international standards for medical care," comments Andrew Skoda, chief doctor of the hospital.

The mayor of the city Sergey Sobyanin calls the center a real pride for the country. It will not only be the largest among European countries, but also the most high-tech. Its capacity is sufficient to successfully assist 97% of patients with cardiovascular diseases.

The clinic will be pediatric, the unit for diagnostics and consultation, maternity hospital. In one year the centre is able to assist the 17 000 pregnant women and 3500 to conduct operations.

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