In Moscow cancelled the label "contains No GMOs"

City officials took the decision to abolish the notorious sign "does Not contain GMO", which until then had marked all food, RIA Novosti reported. All this has been done to improve the safety of consumers.

As stated by the head of the Moscow Department of trade and services Mikhail Orlov, similar to the icons in the capital were issued to three thousands of different products. Tell the truth, in and of itself, this sign is a full guarantee was not given, because it was only tested samples, which were provided by the companies wishing to receive the desired icon. Perhaps this was the reason that for the last three years has not been found a single product with GMO.

The eagles also noted that in the course of public procurement, capital quality inspection of agricultural products, raw materials and food will be in the near future to be able to all study on content in products of GMOs.

The press service of the Department added that representatives of the Federal Antimonopoly service of the Russian Federation has repeatedly made public claims to the issuance of permits for this sign. In their opinion, the use of the mark was not created equal conditions for all producers in the market, which in turn contributed to unfair competition. The introduction of the new labeling cost the capital cost, because the city was required special equipment for new laboratories. In 2010, activities regarding research food for GMOs from the Moscow budget was allocated an amount of 55.5 million rubles last year - 36,9 million. Many experts argue that the allocated funds were simply unnecessary waste.

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