In male infertility blame things surrounding people every day

Scientists from Germany and Denmark have compiled a list of chemical compounds that increase the likelihood of male infertility. A third of 96 of the investigated substances were harmful to sperm, according to HNGN. Scientists produce 4-methylbenzylidene camphor and antibacterial triclosan.

The activity of spermatozoa is regulated by the work of CatSper ion channel. Its activity is largely determined by the external environment. It turned out that some compounds tore channel, increased the number of calcium ions in the semen, changed the behavior of the sperm.

In addition, some compounds interfere with the sperm to penetrate the egg. This requires a certain concentration of enzymes.

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The usual things that contain dangerous compounds that alter the susceptibility of spermatozoa to the hormones progesterone and prostaglandin. Hazardous substances can be found in the tissues, medicines, food products and household chemicals. To date, this is the first study showing a direct link between male infertility and ordinary things that surround the person every day.

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