In light of the child was found alive fish

Doctors from Delhi faced with an unprecedented case in medicine - they drew their light 12-year-old boy live fish.

A boy named Anil Baroeul accidentally swallowed a fish length of 9 inches when played with friends at a stream, it turned out that the fish is placed in the stomach, and lungs. Because she was alive, she began to trepyhaysya inside that significantly hampered the breath for a child, the level of oxygen in the blood fell, forcing the boy sharply to feel very sick. That was urgently taken to the doctor in the hospital and on the basis of x-ray ventured into emergency surgery. 45 minutes conducting the operation the doctor Pramod Ghawar was able to reach the fish, and even to see how it breathes.

The fish themselves during the operation is not saved, she was still breathing during the extraction, but soon died. Throughout his more than itnow practice experienced surgeon admitted that faced with such a case for the first time.

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