In Kyrgyzstan died 15 year old boy. A preliminary diagnosis of bubonic plague

August 22 in Kyrgyzstan died 15 year old boy. Primary doctors, the cause of death was bubonic plague, popularly known as the "black death". The last case was recorded in the early eighties. The disease is transmitted from person to person, the main reservoir of bacteria - black rat. The disease is caused by the high intoxication and quickly coming death.

After a trip to the relatives of the child was raised temperature, appeared cramps, vomiting. Immediately a headquarters was set up for detailed investigation of the incident. In the AK-Suu district was immediately quarantined.

Despite the negative results of the analysis and the primary exception plague as the cause of death for all infants with a teenager appointed medical supervision.

At the moment, the team of experts working on the site of a possible source of infection. The analysis areas, residents of preventive work. There are always special vaccines and disinfectants, including pesticides, to conduct anti-operation against rodents, says the Ministry of health of Kyrgyzstan.

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The causative agent of plague is Yersinia pestis, a pathogenic bacterium. The disease is transmitted through the skin or through airborne droplets with the formation of Bubnov - enlarged lymph nodes, which are located in the armpits and in the groin area. The incubation period is up to a week. For the disease characterized by signs of severe intoxication: fever, convulsions, vomiting, delirium, loss of consciousness.

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