In Kyiv hosted an exhibition of effective methods and means of alternative medicine

To 20 November in Kyiv hosted a three-day exhibition-forum of effective methods and means of traditional and alternative medicine "Immunity. All methods of prevention and strengthen the body!".

The conference was attended by doctors of alternative medicine, General practice - family medicine, pediatricians, nutritionists, healers, and star TV, sports, and other famous people.

The exhibition was designed for all who care about their health and the health of their loved ones; guided by the principle: "the Disease is easier to prevent than to treat!" and interested in the issues of prevention of the body and strengthen the immune system

Were conducted master classes on topics informotherapy Living Word, "holodynamics - diagnostic tool psychosomatic diseases", "Diagnosis and assessment of people systems e Intera DiaCor ", "When is the best time to take a nanny for toddler", "Breathing exercises and improvement of the method of Porphyry Ivanov" , "Learn to swim and live in harmony with the water."

Were carried out sessions of group art therapy for directions Aqua-make-up and collage. Also held many seminars on the organization of healthy eating in the family.

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Organized by the Committee on traditional and alternative medicine of the Ministry of health of Ukraine.

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