In Kenya have found an ancient burial ground, which is more than 5 thousand years

Archaeologists from Kenya found an old cemetery. It houses the remains of no less than 500 people. A mass grave was found on the shore of lake Turkana. The researchers decided that the cemetery has set up an African tribe. At the time, they practiced pastoralism. People were buried along with the others. They have no ritual paraphernalia and artifacts. Indiscriminate burial was located beneath the large stone pillars.

These structures were often placed on the graves of rich people. But in the found burial of people of different ages. Therefore, scientists had thought. They think that on the territory of modern Kenya lived African tribes. All the people lived on an equal footing. Were not rich and poor. The tribe was no hierarchy.

Scientists believe that the burial was carried out more than 5 thousand years ago. The old place was sacred for those people. Approximately 4 500 years ago could be severe drought. Tribes who practiced pastoralism were forced to migrate. The place of burial designated the large pillars. Representatives of the African tribe gathered in these places to share the experience or to carry out some rituals. When the water returned to the lake, then the burial are no longer conducted. But the cemetery still remains a sacred place for the African tribe.

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