In Kazan created a robot for carrying out various operations

Now scientists have developed a unique robot for holding more than 50 types of transactions. The novelty was already famous in the local media to reach the Central channels.

The robot structure mimics the human body. With its help of medical students, interns, residents, and surgeons can be trained to conduct 50 operating procedures, including the most complex. Analogues of this robot gradually spread all over the world.

The robot contains all the organs and systems that allows the operation to remove the ECG and measure the pressure. E-the mannequin is closest to reality. Scientists were able to bring sensation when holding operations for training the robot to the fact that he is surgeon for this surgery.

Mannequin can work with a team of physicians, this is the main difference of the robot from the other developments from around the world. The last test of the robot are in America. Next it will be actively used in a number of medical institutions.

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