In its development of a dog similar to the two-year old child

That dog is the most loyal friend, people always knew, and the fact that the dog has a sufficient level of intelligence. But the results of new research in this area has exceeded all expectations.

Stanley Coren, one of the most famous American dog trainers and psychologists stated that in terms of their intellectual development the dog does not yield a two-year child. She can learn to 165 different words, is able to carry out simple arithmetical calculations and to count. Stanley Coren is not alone in his statement. His opinion is attached and the head of the group of scientists of the Academy of Sciences of Hungary Jozsef Topal. Studies have confirmed that dogs really like little children, a way of learning which is imitative and Supervisory in nature.

Regarding the simulation, dogs remembered only that they can be used if necessary.

Conducted by researchers from Austria, a number of experiments have revealed a dog's sense of justice. During the experiment, two dogs constantly encouraged for the executed command, and it happened so that each of them saw the other. After the next command that has been executed by both dogs, one of them did not get the award, after which the latter refused to comply with the following command.

Scientists believe that many talents dogs belong to the sphere of social intelligence, and it is this fact that gives the dog the ability to easily integrate into a person's life.

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