In Italy the woman lifted other people's children during IVF

In Italy is considered an interesting case. Doctors mistakenly lifted other people's children during the surgery, IVF, says Xinhua. Causes of neglect to understand.

Incident occurred in Rome in the Sandro Pertini hospital in 2013. Apparently, the doctors messed up a fertilized egg, as in one day was celebrated four IVF procedure. Three of them were successful, but the fourth patient was less lucky. The medical staff made a mistake and pushed alien embryos.

In the twins were born. Genetic analysis showed the discrepancy between parents and children. The fate of the little ones it is difficult to predict. The error was fixed at period of 12 weeks, abortion to this period in Italy is already banned. Experts say about the exception for the woman, if she decides on this procedure.

Case, surrendered to the public, initiated a wave of concern in Italy. The RA Minister of health Beatrice Lorenzin commented on the situation, she was sure that the standards of care during IVF in Italy is very high. Daily several hundred procedures. The incident case is more the exception to the rule.

Note, in 2009, a similar incident occurred in Japan. In the end, the woman had an abortion and demanded that the clinic more than 200 thousand dollars as compensation.

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