Regular consumption of cocoa improves memory, scientists of Italy. Cocoa beans and cocoa, perhaps one of the most delicious and affordable products to improve the functioning of the brain. That is why the research will not leave anyone indifferent.

Volunteers with cognitive impairment, scientists have proposed to include in your daily diet cocoa. The first group ate a small portion of the product, the second average, the third – large portions.

According to information gathered, all the volunteers at the end of the study improved memory. The best results showed the group who consumed the maximum amount of cocoa. Scientists have found that visible changes began to occur and the subjects for 8 weeks from the start of the experiment. Yet all the volunteers for 2 months decreased blood pressure, becoming closer to normal numbers.

Experts suggest, the secret of useful properties of cocoa is the high content of flavonols, antioxidant compounds. They protect the cells of the nervous system from the damaging effects of oxidative agents.

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