In India the temple elephants are suffering from obesity

Indian authorities want to achieve weight loss recormnended sacred elephants held at Hindu temples and is used in various religious ceremonies and celebrations.

In the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, located in the South, were detected sacred animals suffering from obesity. Now the churches have to change the diet of elephants, following the advice of veterinarians. Elephant Parvati weighs 1.5 tons more than the norm, even though she is only 15 years old. And her older friend of 48 years Madhurapuri living in the temple Kalagate exceeds the weight standards of 700 kg Managers temples assure you that I will be able to apply measures to losing weight animals. According to veterinarians, the content of elephants in captivity always leads to obesity in animals. In their natural habitat that is not happening, because their diet is quite varied. In the jungle, elephants eat about 200 different kinds of plants, fruits, flowers, roots and branches of trees. In captivity they are fed rice, cereals and molasses.

Although according to temple servants, animals daily taken for a 5-kilometer walk, this is not enough. After all, freedom for the day, the elephant can go 20 miles to get to 250 kg daily allowance of vegetable food. Temple elephants, and 37 sacred animal of Tamil Nadu including, live in deplorable conditions, their lonely existence is not even remotely resemble life in the natural environment. Obesity and contribute to local prejudices. For example, Indian astrologers claim that people can protect themselves from harm by feeding the elephant. Dr. John Singh, former Director of the Institute for nature India suggests that the authorities an alternative solution to this problem. Several temples joint efforts could buy the forest and use it as a small sanctuary for elephants. If necessary, you can pick out animals to participate in temple activities. Have long been advocates of animal signals, such content elephants in temples is abuse and violation of their rights.

The history of partnership between man and elephant in India stretches back centuries. Before animals are used for military purposes. And description, as should contact with elephants to keep them health, was written about 2 thousand years ago.

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