In humans, there are "food clock"

Overeating at the holidays causes serious damage to human body. Because of overeating, interferes with the normal function of the "food clock", which means the meeting is responsible for the metabolism of molecules and genes, writes referring to the work of the University of California.

As scientists proved from the above mentioned University, PKCγ protein is an important element in the process of the transfer of the food hours". Experience on mice showed that if you give them food at a time when they should sleep, then after some period of "food clock" began to adjust to the new regime, and the mouse began to Wake up at a certain time and demand to be fed.

The mouse, which saw a deficit of PKCγ protein, and could not turn the hands of their biological clock. This discovery provides an opportunity to take a fresh look at the problem and causes of obesity and other metabolic disorders. That's why the "owls" often "larks" have problems with excess weight.

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