In HIV accused the popular resort

Australian experts concluded that Bali is an unsafe place to relax, at least for fans of tattoos and piercing. According to experts, the majority of Australians, made in Bali tattoo or Prokopovich any part of his body, had to go to hospital to receive medical care.

The reason for the above conclusion was the information that one of the travelers while visiting the salon tattoo and piercing in Bali received HIV infection, reported by ABC News. Who exactly suffered due to stay at the resort, experts, observing medical ethics, not reported.

Meanwhile, Paul Armstrong - head of the Department for combating infectious diseases, announced strong recommendation for all those who have passed through the procedure of piercing or tattoo and later was an intimate affair in Bali, immediately take a blood test to detect HIV.

Officials in the near future intend to update the list of rules for travel agencies (companies) that send abroad their potential customers. P. Armstrong assured that the relevant information will also be communicated to Indonesian officials.

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