In Germany officially recognized the presence of secondary sex

The problem of the existence of a third gender or hermaphroditism studied by doctors and scientists for a long time. Sometimes it happens that people are born with external sexual characteristics of the woman, but has hormonal set of men. Germany have tackled this problem and introduced a law which permits to determine the sex of the baby at birth, if doctors had established the fact of hermaphroditism, reports The Guardian. This country has become a kind of pioneer in this field.

The output of this law, experts say, will lead to certain consequences in the field of law. Previously, the German law on ethics has introduced changes that will relieve some pressure from the parents during the child's birth. The couple were previously required to register the name and sex of the child within one week after birth.

In fact, when hermaphroditism difficult to accurately determine the sex of the baby. As a rule, he is determined him in the maturation process, begins to feel like a boy or girl. In some cases, people go to surgery to change her appearance, including plastic surgery of the genital organs. It was noted earlier that the definition of sex at such an early age can have a negative impact on the mental state of the child in the future.

Sociologists explain the concepts of "genderqueer". These are people who are different from the rest of sex. Scientists believe that it is necessary to enter the floor.

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