In fatty foods "hidden" poisonous compounds

In fish, meat and peanut butter you can find traces of a substance which slows down the burning of plastics, reports Discovery News. The above compound can have a detrimental effect on the function of the endocrine system, its development, and altered reproductive and nervous system, and even cause cancer.

With such a grim warning appealed to the masses Arnold renamed, the school of public health, Texas (USA). As stated renamed: "I have long been found in food products of various chemicals". Also an expert in breast milk of American women were found refractory compound.

Especially A. Apart extremely concerned chlorinated and brominated compounds. They are quite easy to accumulate in the tissues of the human body, and for a long time to decompose (break down half the dose required 219 days). With the above connections people regularly encounter in your own home.

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But the point here is that their factories processing furniture and various household items. But the analysis of the food was disappointing - usually chemical contamination was observed in fatty products (fat-soluble compounds). The highest concentration was found in canned sardines, salmon (fresh), tilapia and peanut butter. The minimum number was in Turkey, chicken, chili and ham.

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